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Dear Montclair Community,

Montclair College Preparatory School was founded in 1956, by Dr. Vernon E. Simpson. Behind his guidance, dedication, and passion Montclair Prep grew to become one of the oldest private secondary schools in the San Fernando Valley. The "Prep" provided students with an enriched and nurturing environment where they could grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. However, due to declining enrollment upon Dr. Simpson's passing in 2008, poor economic conditions and the inability to obtain endowments over the last three years, Montclair College Preparatory School will be closing its doors, effective July 15, 2012.

Montclair College Prep would like to thank all of the dedicated teachers that successfully instilled the love for learning in their students while reinforcing the importance of sound values. Without your hard work and passion for your disciplines, Montclair Prep would not have maintained over a half century of the highest caliber of academics and college placement. W e would like to express our extreme gratitude to each and every teacher and staff member for their time dedicated to Montclair Prep and our students.

We would like to acknowledge all of the students that have been a part of our great history. Dr. Simpson could see in you what many others could not and he truly enjoyed your visits in his office and especially your return to campus to share with all of us your accomplishments. We were so proud of you as students, proud of who you have become and more importantly, proud of the unique talents that you have brought to society. We know that you have made friendships here that will last your lifetime and we hope that you can remember your days at Montclair as challenging, rewarding, memorable, and fun. We will miss you all.

To our parents that entrusted their children to us, we are forever grateful. Through your generosity, support, and involvement you made Montclair Prep a school that respected diversity, embraced cultural differences, and provided Montclair the resources to cultivate the unique abilities in our students. Without you supporting our mission, Montclair's goal of providing a rigorous college preparatory education in a warm, caring and nurturing environment would never have been obtained. We were truly fortunate.

On behalf of Montclair College Preparatory School's administration, faculty and staff, as well as Dr. Simpson's immediate family, we would like to express our gratitude to all those individuals that made the "Prep" such a great school for over fifty-seven years. As a community, we have supported each other and watched our students flourish and move on to accomplish amazing things in their lives. We will never forget the impact that Montclair Prep has had on all our lives and appreciate the time we have shared as a community.


Montclair Schools, Inc.

For Information regarding transcripts, please email Shannon Peffer at or call 818.787.5290 and leave a message (please provide your full name and the year you graduated along with a contact number).